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PREST PŘEROV a. s. company was established in year 1999. The engineering capacities was separated

from general maintenance department of chemical plant - Precheza a. s. This general service shop

was built in 60. years of 20th century and provided general repairs of machinery and equipment from

manufacturing lines and capital construction. In year 2000 was bought a block of 100% shares of

PREST by ZOMAplast a. s. This company is sole owner up to the present day.




PREST PŘEROV a. s. is a traditional czech engineering company that manufactures and installs

machines and equipment, assemblies, spare parts, and parts of equipment complexes for the

chemical, metallurgical, building, and water management industries according to its own or supplied

production documentation. All from the current steel, stainless steel or plastic materials.

The production is manufactured in a two-bay factory building with a 2,200m2 production area with

two bridge cranes (lifting capacities of 5 and 12.5t) and a factory railway track. Production is

structured into a locksmith workshop, machining shop, CNC cutting center and pumps and valves


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